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The East Coast Family Office & Wealth Management Conference 2015


Following a sold out 2014 event, we are proud to present our 3rd conference for the area's top UHNWI and SFOs at the Union League Club. We offer not only cutting edge education but also a networking platform for local and international families you won't meet anywhere else.



Come meet families just like you, from the US as well as from the other side of the Atlantic. families who seek investments, partners, or just good friendships. Gain valuable insights and learn fresh innovative ideas from a distinguished panel of experts from all across the globe speaking on a variety of unique topics. This is not your average wealth management event.

More than 200 Single Family Office Executives and Ultra High Net Worth family members, representing more than $100 Billion under management, took part in last year's event. Statistics can be found here.


85% of our attendees are SFOs and ultra high net worth Individuals family members. Very strict guidelines are keeping this ratio intact and a thorough due diligence process is being made with each attendee.


Our events bring together American and International UHNWI, HNWI and SFOs, who enjoy the best speakers in the fields of oil and gas investments, real estate, homeland security, high tech investments, philanthropy, private family banks, families in business, direct investing, family office, estate planning, trusts and other various investment alternatives.


Last Year's Speakers include:


Mr. Yalkin Demirkaya, President

Cyber Diligence, Inc. Former Detective Commander of Cyber Crimes, NYPD


Ms. Lisa Firestone Von Winterfeldt, Founder

Firestone von Winterfeldt Family Fund


Colonel (Ret.) Yigal Carmon, Former Counter Terrorism Advisor to Israel's Prime Ministers Yitzhak Shamir & Yitzhak Rabin; President and Founder of the Middle East Media Research Institute


Mr. Erik Wachtmeister, Founder

Best Of All Worlds


Mr. Joshua Rotbart

Managing Director of Malca-Amit Precious Metals (MAPM)


Countess Louise Wachtmeister, Founder

Best of all Worlds

Ms. Cathia Klimovsky, Owner

Eden Fine Art Gallery

Ms. Lauren Berger, CEO

The Lauren Berger Collection


Mr. Jack Hidary, Co-Founder



Mr. Yaky Yanay, President & COO



Mr. Howard Cooper, CEO

Cooper Family Office


Mr. Nimrod Elmish, CEO

I.G. Cardboard Technologies


Ms. Candice Beaumont, CIO

L. Investments


Mr. Damon J. Hemmerdinger

Co-President, ATCO


Mr. Michael Rutner, CIO

Pangea's Edge Holdings, Ltd. 


Mr. Ira Perlmuter, Head of Family Office Direct Investing

T5 Equity Partners


Mr. Andy Unanue, Managing Partner

AUA Private Equity Partners


Mr. Matt Womble, Co-Founder; Managing Director of Private Investments,

EverWatch Capital


Mr. Thomas McFarland, COO

HBI, (AWF) and Multi-Generational philanthropist


Mr. Hendrik F. Jordaan, President & CEO

One Thousand & One Voices


Ms. Sylvia Earle, Founder

Mission Blue


Mr. Patrick Bergin, CEO 

African Wildlife Foundation


Ms. Kay Koplovitz, Founder

USA Networks


Mr. Martin J. Gross, Founder & President

Sandalwood Securities, Inc.


Mr. Erin Wicomb, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

The Mavrix Group : Mavrix Real Estate Opportunity Fund II


Ms. Wendy Craft, Executive VP and General Counsel

MFR Equity


Mr. Fred Zeidman, Founder & Principal

Zeidman Group


Ms. Joanie Bronfman, Consultant and Board Member

Tides Foundation

Mr. Steve Oyer, Senior member

Brookfield Asset Management Private Funds Team

Mr. Carl Moellenberg, Theater Producer and Film Producer

Broadway Productions


Ms. Wendy Federman, Exec VP/CEO

Dominion Pictures/Foolish Mortals Productions


Mr. Ricardo Hornos, Ph. D. Advisory Board

Dominion Group


Mr. Bobby Sain, CEO

Dominion Group

Ms. Jill N. Creager, J.D, Founder & CEO

Providence Family Offices, LLC


Mr. Yaron Kestenbaum, Managing Partner

Israel Infrastructure Fund


Mr. Adi Divgi, President & Chief investment Officer

EA Global


Ms. Veronica Varekova, Goodwill Ambassador

African Wildlife Foundation

Mr. Angelo J. Robles, Founder & CEO

Greenwich (FOA)


Mr. Greg Rand, Founder & CEO



Mr. Preston Tsao, Managing Member

Metcircle Networking LLC


Mr. Ran Goshen, MD, Ph.D. Founder & CEO



Mr. Matti Leshem, founder & CEO  



Mr. Michael Oliver Weinberg, Adjunct Associate Professor of Finance and Economics

Columbia Business School


Mr. Shlomo Grofman, Co-Chairman

Faire Fund - Shoval Grofman Real Estate


Mr. Nadav Kidron, Chief Executive Officer & Director

Oramed Pharmaceuticals  


Mr. Gordon "Grant" Curtis, Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer / SFO 

CI Investments /Ticino Switzerland 


Dr. Efraim Chalamish, Prof./ Partner

NYU and IESE Business School / Forward Advisors 








Among 2013 speakers:


Mr. Howard Cooper, CEO, Cooper Family Office


Mr. Martin S. Indyk, vice president and director of the Foreign Policy Program at the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C., and former U.S. ambassador to Israel


Dr. Yossi Vardi,  One of Israel's first high-tech entrepreneurs


Mr. Tewodros Ashenafi, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Southwest Energy (HK) Ltd.


Ms. Wendy Craft, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Fulcrum Equities


Mr. Grant Kettering, Director, Kettering Family Office


Ms. Steffi Claiden, Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Family Office Review


Mr. Daniel Shakhani, CEO, RDS Capital


Mr. Lowell Sands, Rosewood Resources


Ms. Toby Moskovits, CEO, Heritage Equity Partners


Mr. Jimmy Maymann, CEO, The Huffington Post


Mr. Ken Davenport, Broadway Producer, Davenport Theatrical Enterprises, Inc


Mr. Angelo J. Robles, CEO, Family Office Association


Mr. David Gorman, Americas Advisor, The Table Club


Ms. Candice Beaumont, Managing Director, L. Investments


Mr. Harold F. "Rick" Pitcairn, II, CFA®, CIO, Pitcairn and Chairman, Wigmore Association


Mr. Steve Oyer, Senior Member, Private Funds Group of Brookfield Asset Management


Mr. Ira Perlmuter, Head of Family Office Direct Investing, T5 Equity Partners


Mr. Nirmal Saverimuttu, Principal, Virgin Group


Mr. Andy Unanue, Managing Partner, AUA Private Equity Partners


Ms. Karen Wawrzaszek, Managing Director, Pitcairn


Mr. Warner King Babcock, Chairman and CEO, AM Private Enterprises, Inc.


Ms. Raya Strauss Bendror, President and Co-Owner, Strauss Investment, The Strauss Family


Ms. Nava Michael Tsabari, Academic Director, Family Business Program, Lahav-Executive Education, Recanati Business School, Faculty of Management Tel Aviv University, The Strauss Family


Mr. Guy Schory, Head of New Ventures, eBay


Mr. Jamie McLaughlin, CEO, J. H. McLaughlin & Co., LLC


Mr. Louis Hanna, Corigin Family Office


Ms. Kay Koplovitz, Founder, USA Networks


Mr. Kent M. Swig, President, Swig Equities, LLC


Ms. Paula Oyer Berezin, President & Chief Strategist , Social Capital


Mr. Dan Nisbet,  Vice President of Development, Feeding America


Mr. Ehud Arnon, President and CEO, Israel Discount Bank of New York


Ms. Lauren Berger, CEO and Founder, The Lauren Berger Collection


Mr. Israel Eliahu, General Manager, Eliahu Holdings


Dr. Howard Morgan, Partner, First Round Capital


Mr. Michael Oliver Weinberg, Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia Business School. Chief Investment Officer of MOW & AYW LLC


Mr. David Rosen, Partner, The Pritzker Group

Mr. Michael Rutner, Chief Investment Officer, Pangea's Edge Holdings, Ltd.


Mr. Ran Harnevo, Senior VP, Video AOL


Mr. Moishe Mana, CEO , Mana Contemporary, Guarantee Records Management, Moishe's Moving, and Moishe's Storage


Mr. Yigal Ozeri, Co-Founder, Artist and Visionary of Mana Contemporary


Mr. Zeev Holtzman, Founder & Chairman, Giza Venture Capital., IVC Research Center., GPV. Chairman -Technion Endowment Fund Investment committee



2014 Reviews:

"OMG - everyone said it was the best conference of the year - you and the girls did it - the best - word is out. what a success, big win "

A Leading NYC SFO


"Thank you so much ! It was truly amazing. Top gun. Could not have been better. Nothing I would change. NOTHING! Fee was fare for all your detailed work. I am in for next year too"

Main Sponsor, LB Collection


"Probably one of the best FO events NYC has seen in years"

Attendee, Family Member


"I think the event was a success and everyone at the end appreciated your diligence checking out the various families at the end and keeping the phony ones out"

A Leading SFO


"I received a lot of value out of your last conference, I am definitely interested in being more a part of the next one"

Service Provider




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Working hours: Sun-Thu 6:00 AM - 3:00 PM, EST. Fridays - Closed.